Professional DJ Service
Professional DJ Service

The Gobo/Monogram (name in lights) Add-on


A gobo (name in lights) add-on for weddings projects the couples names and/or design onto the wall or dancefloor. It's customizable, easy to set up, and creates a stunning visual effect that adds a touch of elegance and glamour to the occasion. The personalized touch provides a unique photo opportunity for guests and a memorable experience for everyone.

Wireless Uplgihting Add-on

Full room wireless uplighting is an add-on for weddings or other events will transform your venue with customizable, battery-powered LED lights. They are easy to set up and control remotely, highlighting features and setting the desired mood. The stunning visual effect creates a memorable ambiance for guests to enjoy.

Cold Sparkes Add-on

A cold sparks effect add-on for a wedding or event creates mesmerizing, non-toxic, and cold-to-the-touch golden glitter sparks that add a unique touch to any occasion. It's easy to set up, safe, and provides a magical atmosphere and photo opportunity.

CO2 Blaster Add-on

Our cryo blaster add-on for a weddings or other events is a stunning effect that creates a cloud of dry ice smoke, adding excitement to the occasion. It is safe, easy to set up, and creates unique photo opportunities. The burst of smoke creates a memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression on guests.

Glow Package Add-on

Our glow sticks and LED glasses add-on for a wedding or event adds a fun and interactive element. It includes safe, battery powered glow sticks and LED glasses that light up in various colors and patterns. It creates a lively atmosphere that guests of all ages can enjoy.

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